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Meeting notes from April 2 Public Meeting- now available on the Meeting Notes page. (posted 4-23-2013)
April 2 Presentation of the Master Plan and Airport Layout Plan - now available on the Meeting Notes page. (posted 4-5-2013)
Final Master Plan and Airport Layout Plan now available on the Documents page.
(posted 7-08-2013)


The Master Plan update for the Groton-New London Airport (GON) is underway and this website is your gateway into the process.  The existing Master Plan for the airport was prepared in March, 1999.  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires regular updates of all airport master plans in order to reevaluate airfield design and assess future needs.  The Study for GON will update aircraft activity statistics and airfield and landside requirements, develop alternatives for future layout, and assess anticipated environmental impacts.  The Study is funded by a grant from the FAA and Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT).  The study is expected to be eighteen (18) months in preparation.  A local planning advisory committee will provide community input into the process.  All meetings will be open to the public and meeting dates and times will be posted on this website two weeks prior to each meeting (see the Upcoming News box in the right-hand margin).

Groton-New London Airport - aerial view

Groton-New London Airport is owned and operated by the State of Connecticut.  The airport is located in the town of Groton and lies along the Long Island Sound coastline at the inlet of the Poquonnock River.  The airport is part of the Federal Aviation Administration’s regional airport system that includes Bradley International Airport, General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport, Manchester Airport, Theodore Francis Green State Airport, and Tweed-New Haven Airport. In addition to serving the air transportation needs of residents of southeastern Connecticut, Groton-New London Airport also draws travelers from neighboring states, including Rhode Island and New York.

This web site’s purpose is to provide information to the public and seek input.  As each work element of the master plan is completed (in draft form), information will be posted for review and comments.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the chapters.  Visit to download the latest version of Acrobat Reader.

Airport Master Plan Update

ConnDOT elected to prepare a master plan as an update to the 1999 Master Plan.  The purpose of the airport master plan update is to provide GON with guidelines for future airport improvement and development that would meet aviation demand, community acceptance, environmental compatibility and coordinate with other modes of local, state and national transportation.  The master plan will define the type and extent of development activities necessary for the airport to meet projected aviation demand.  The planning covers a 20-year period through the year 2028.

The FAA prescribes goals and objectives of a master plan.  The goal of a master plan is to provide guidelines for future airport development, which will satisfy aviation demand in a financially feasible manner, while at the same time resolving the aviation, environmental and socioeconomic issues existing in the community.  Specific objectives are:

  • To provide sufficient project definition and detail for subsequent environmental evaluations that may be required before the project is approved.
  • To provide an effective graphic presentation of the future airport development and anticipated land uses.
  • To establish a realistic schedule for implementation of the development proposed in the plan, particularly for the short-term capital improvement program.
  • To purpose an achievable financial plan to support the implementation schedule.
  • To justify the plan technically and procedurally through a thorough investigation of concepts and alternatives on technical, economic and environmental grounds.
  • To present for public consideration, in a convincing and candid manner, a plan which adequately addresses the issues and satisfies local, state and federal regulations.
  • To document policies and future aeronautical demands for deliberations on spending and debt incurrence and land use controls; e.g., subdivision regulations, and the erection of potential obstructions to air navigation.
  • To set the stage and establish the framework for a continuing planning process.  Such a process should monitor key conditions and adjust plan recommendations if required by changed circumstances.

The airport master plan is a concept of the long-term development required at an airport.  It displays the concept graphically and reports the data and logic upon which the plan is based.  Master plans are prepared to support improvement and development of existing airports based on the forecasted requirements from the plan.  You may wish to reference the FAA document AC150/5070-6B, Airport Master Plans.


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